A Mariña Lucense

El geodestino Mariña Lucense abarca los ayuntamientos de Alfoz, Barreiros, Burela, Cervo, Foz, Lourenzá, Mondoñedo, Ourol, A Pontenova, Ribadeo, Trabada, O Valadouro, O Vicedo, Viveiro e Xove.


In Mariña Lucense the forests are confused with the sea. It is the Green Galicia that overlooks the Bay of Biscay. About 100 km of coastline dotted with natural wonders. From the landscape of the O Barqueiro estuary to the wonder of the beach of As Catedrais, a natural monument excavated by the sea with a supernatural dimension. From the estuary of the River Sor, paradise of fish and waterfowl, to the estuary of the Eo, Biosphere Reserve. More


The history of Mariña Lucense is linked to the Marshal Pardo de Cela. Places like the Bridge of O Pasatempo, the castle of A Frouxeira or the Castro do Ouro in Alfoz, as well as the town of Mondoñedo are part of the route that we would travel in the search of the traces of this personage that arrived to us of a way Almost legendary. Also the Marquis of Sargadelos was a prominent figure in the lands of the north of the County of Lugo.


The beach of As Catedrais and the Souto da Retorta are considered as Natural Monuments, in this forest you can stroll among the more than 600 eucalyptus trees that make up the eucalyptus of Chavín (one of them, popularly known as "the grandfather", reaches the 67 meters high). There are many natural protected areas from the Landro river to Monte Maior passing through the Ouro River, the Foz-Masma estuary, the Rio Eo and the Carballido forest.